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18.10.2022 14:59

Business translations
Business translation can be considered as a sub-type of legal translation that deals with contracts, agreements and other legally binding documents between two parties. Business translation deals with both law and business, as most contracts use terms from both fields. Since corporate documents often include not only founding documents (articles of incorporation, shareholder agreement, etc.) but also documents relating to day-to-day business operations, high-quality business translations are a must at all times if you want to avoid unnecessary risks and litigation.

Potential translation challenges may include: Names of legal entities arising from the fact that many jurisdictions recognize different legal entities that may more or less correspond to each other. A single legal form in one country may be represented by several similar legal forms in another. When incorporating in a foreign jurisdiction, it is crucial to correctly state such differences in the company's registration documents, as they define the scope and nature of the company's structure and operations.

Iincorporation documents
No company can exist legally without undergoing a company registration process required by the laws of the jurisdiction of residence. Incorporation documents are often required to be filed in the official language(s), making legal translation services a necessity for most foreign businesspeople. For tax planning reasons, relocation to another jurisdiction is often unavoidable, making business translation an integral part of any company's activities.

Translations of supporting documents
In addition to contracts and agreements, ancillary documents such as patents, invoices, manuals, etc. often need to be translated when expanding your business into other jurisdictions. These are essential for a smooth process and, like any other paperwork, require the cooperation of linguists, lawyers and economists. They are particularly important in tax planning processes, including bookkeeping and reporting.

Certified translations and apostilles
Many jurisdictions often require that the translation of the document be checked by the translator and his signature authorized by the notary. In certain cases, an international verification form called "apostille" is sometimes required for the translation to be valid. Not only can we offer you the translation of your documents, but also their notarization or apostille certification, which means that your company is always ready to provide any document in any language!


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